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Welcome to Womanart

Patriarchy is coming to an end. The age of equality is beginning. Therefore we need new images. It is time for change, time for new perspectives, and time to break open old patterns of thought and image-paradigms and to revise these.

Pictures shape our thoughts and images. This is why the pictures themselves need to be painted anew for us to develop fresh, up-to-date thoughts.

The time has come to also portray god and the first human being as a woman. Had we grown up in a matriarchic instead of a patriarchal society this would be considered natural. God and Adam needed to be male for people to believe in god or the first created human being, respectively.

Equality between men and women can only move forward, however, if it is expressed not only in words, but above all in “key images”.

Our paintings and pictures are supposed to be symbols for the modern, emancipated and open-minded woman.